The Block-Ade as it appears in the stage transition screen

The Special Tank Block-Ade is the boss of seventh stage of Strikers 1945 II and Strikers 1945 Plus.


In the stage's transition screen, the Block-Ade's type is stated as ?????, or unknown. When encountered by the Strikers, it initially presents itself as a giant mechanical claw carrying a large canister at first that will start attacking once the canister is moved away or destroyed. The Block-Ade is well-armed for an industrial device, however – it possesses bullet launchers capable of firing in a widespread pattern around its two arms.

Upon destruction, it is revealed that the Block-Ade is not merely an industrial tool – its "core" will be extracted and used to assemble a giant mecha that appears to look like a Stormtrooper with a large backpack and a giant shotgun. It attacks by firing its shotgun in a spreading pattern, launching a volley of bullets from its backpack, mines that releases bullets around it, and a pair of laser beams from its shoulders. It also fires missiles that explode into bullets before launching another pair of laser beams from its shoulders, this time while hovering left and right.