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The Gigantic Submarine Cross Sinker as it appears in the stage transition screen

The Gigantic Submarine Cross Sinker is the boss of the sixth stage of Strikers 1945 II. It is a gargantuan submarine stationed off the coasts of Brazil by the time it is attacked by the Strikers.


The Cross Sinker's hull has a distinctive dagger-like shape, which is uncommon amongst WWII-era submarines. Once it fights the Strikers, the submarine extends its sides to reveal two large bullet launchers, giving it the view of a religious cross when looked from above, hence its name.

When the Cross Sinker takes enough damage, it flips over to the back to transform into a crab-like mecha. It has a red claw on its left arm that darts down-leftwards on attack, releasing bullets from its back in the process, and a gun on its right arm that fires either a straight, trident-patterned shot or a wide-spreading shot to the right. It can also transform into a second mode that releases bullets in a wide conical pattern, giving it the view of the letter X, which can also be interpreted as a cross.



  • The music that plays during the battle with Cross Sinker is the final boss battle theme, "F.G.R."
  • The Cross Sinker appears in the ending credits in the PS1 port of Strikers 1945 II.