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F.G.R. is a militaristic secret society and an antagonist organization debuted in Strikers 1945 II. It has succeeded CANY from the first Strikers game. Its first leader also bears the name of the organization.


Strikers 1945 II[]

It is winter of 1945. The ashes of WWII have not yet cooled down when a secret organization known only as CANY attempted WW3 to revive global militarism. Their effort failed and the forces of CANY have been demolished. To a battle-weary population, it seemed a new shadow had spread across the world. Meanwhile, a similar threat, code named 'F.G.R.', dispatched their spies and successfully stole top secret US Department of Defense (the Japanese call it the Department of National Defense) files covering new data of super weapons. These super weapons were conceptualized and were to be developed by CANY before CANY collapsed. By using the information provided by their spy network, the F.G.R. will do their best to return the world to the chaos and upheaval of global warfare. Creating and utilizing super weapons from the top secret data they stole, FGR set on a quest where its predecessor organization failed. The world, still not yet recovered from the destruction of WW2 and CANY's havoc, FGR easily managed to conquer a hefty portion of world and set up bases all over the planet Earth (Arctic, USA, North Africa, Japan, Alps, South America). Their HQ is hidden deep underground base of Amazon Jungle.

The only force capable of restoring order is the allied military special commando force known as the Strikers, a group of fearless and versatile aces which is responsible for the annihilation of CANY. The Strikers eventually manage to take down their leader, ending the F.G.R. threat once and for all.

...or does it?

Strikers 1945 III[]

54 years later...

An extraterrestrial swarm of Nanites (microscopic robots) have invaded Earth and infiltrated military bases in every country and began to multiply.

Military craft infested with these Nanobots became fully automated and soon began indiscriminate attacks on every country in the world, resulting in mass devastation. Fear soon began to surface about the grim possibility of these extraterrestrial nanobots infiltrating the world's nuclear weapons, resulting in world nuclear war.

When the Chaos Queen's Nanites landed, it was not only the known militaries that were overridden.

F.G.R., thought to be purged towards the end of 1945 in Strikers 1945 II and Plus, survived the destruction and had been working behind the scenes. But F.G.R. was so devastatingly crippled it had to lay low for half a century: looking for a time when they might be able to destroy Strikers and no longer have a severe obstacle in the path to world domination. Recently after much secrecy and difficulties, they had perfected new shapeshifting mecha super weapons (Spectre, Green Bender, Spike Arm, Thanatos, Warlord, Geo-Bite, Cross Blade, and Ground Skater) that they figured would give them a very good edge against the Strikers. But then...

The Nanites would infect them as well. F.G.R. frantically scrambled to save their precious super weapons, but they were only able to save one: Warlord with the code name X-36. Not wanting Warlord to get infected too, several F.G.R. VIPs and pilots ran to Strikers Command with it. Circumstances do now require that these two bitter enemies cooperate...

Of course, Strikers would really have preferred that FGR had not built the infected machines in the first place - especially since one of them, namely Green Bender, is completely invisible to every known detection system. Fortunately, the other four mecha aren't so visible. The Strikers are immediately ordered to take down the battle groups headed by the four mecha. Since they'd like to have some kind of world to rule, FGR volunteers Warlord as well.

After the eventual destruction of Chaos Queen, the fate of F.G.R. and its fragile yet brief alliance with the Strikers remain unknown.