The F5U Flying Pancake in the arcade version of Strikers 1945 II

The XF5U Flying Pancake is one of the playable aircraft that first appeared in Strikers 1945 II and returned in Strikers 1945 Plus.


The American Vought XF5U Flying Pancake was designed to be a fighter plane capable of remaining in flight at very low air speeds. These airplanes never got past the prototype stage and never was involved in any combat. That's right! The XF5U is a real plane, as weird as it looks!

The Flying Breakfast Item is one of the best fighters in the game. It has decent speed and its subweaponry is a highly effective auto-aim laser that passes through multiple enemies. Its Level 3 Super Shot is a powerful beam cannon. Its Bomb attack consists of two Northrop B-35 Flying Wings (one in Strikers 1945 Plus, depending on its position) shooting at enemies and providing you with temporary shielding.


  • Sub weapon: Automatic Laser
  • Bomb: XB-35 Buster Formation (Strikers 1945 II), Flying Wing (Strikers 1945 Plus)
  • Super shot: Buster Laser


  • Max power: 1350 HP
  • Wingspan: 1110 cm
  • Length: 872 cm
  • Height: 450 cm
  • Weight: 5958 kg
  • Top speed: 806 km/h
  • Armament: 12.7 mm x 6


Trivia Edit

  • The Flying Pancake is supposed to be yellow, but the creators either changed or mistook the color or did not remember the name of the plane.
    • However, truth be told, there were different models. The XF5U, which is actually called the Flying Flapjack, is a real model.