Fiat G.56 is one of the playable aircraft in Strikers 1945 series. It only appears in Strikers 1945 Plus.


The Italians developed the Fiat G.56 originally under the demands of the Germans. Only two were ever built.

In Strikers 1945 PLUS, the Fiat's Support special involves three German Junkers Ju 287 Bombers. You can indirectly control these Junkers by moving your plane; the Junkers will line up to your vertical position on the screen by moving horizontally. Also, the Junkers formations can vary.


  • Sub weapon: Drift Mine
  • Super shot: Cluster Laser
  • Support: Junkers Attack Formation


  • Max power: 1475 HP
  • Wingspan: 1185 cm
  • Length: 937 cm
  • Height: 313 cm
  • Weight: 2630 kg
  • Top speed: 623 km/h



  • This aircraft's special support where the player controls these support aircraft by moving the plane is sightly referenced to the 1989 scrolling shooter arcade game Twin Hawk.
  • The Fiat G.56's pilot is a pig. A parody of Porco Rosso.