Armored Train Gliath

The Armored Train Gliath as it appears in the stage transition screen

The Armored Train Gliath is a single-car train that transforms into a desert robot.

Strikers 1945 II Edit

Gliath is the boss of the USA level.

Gliath runs in to the Strikers and blows off its steam engines as the battle begins. It fires bullets from its bullet throwers and hidden turrets in its first form as a single-car train. Once the first form is destroyed, a group of planes come flying by as it assumes its second form while also blowing off steam, this time from its body. In its second form, Gliath will fire bullets in a spiral pattern and will summon mines that explode into bullets as it jumps from rail to rail. It will also fire bullets from its right arm that spread and disperse all over the place. When you destroyed Gliath, you will clear the stage and earn the coins, point or ruby.

Strikers 1945 PlusEdit

The battle against Gliath is the same as in Strikers 1945 II.



  • Gliath's color scheme in Strikers 1945 Plus is moss green as opposed to desert yellow.
  • The name Gliath is obviously a reference to the biblical giant Goliath, who was heralded for his brute strength.