Super Carrier Graf Zeppelin

The Super Carrier Graf Zeppelin as it appears in the stage transition screen

The Super Carrier Graf Zeppelin is an aircraft carrier who transforms into a skull-faced robot.

Strikers 1945 IIEdit

Graf Zeppelin is the boss of the Greenland level.

Graf Zeppelin appears by breaking through a piece of land made of ice. In its first form, the Graf Zeppelin has multiple turrets with the red elevator turret being its main weak point. Once the red turret is destroyed, you move forward to face more turrets, and the main weak point is now its bridge. Once the bridge is destroyed, the Graf Zeppelin assumes its second form, its arms consist of what was formerly the first form's flight deck and main cannons, which alternate between right and left as its head rotates. Destroying the arms will make Graf Zeppelin unleash bullets from its skull head. When you destroyed Graf Zeppelin, you will clear the stage and earn the coins, point or ruby.



  • Graf Zeppelin was an aircraft carrier built by Nazi Germany in the run-up to WW2, but was abandoned when 85% complete due to shifting priorities.
  • The Graf Zeppelin did not appear in Strikers 1945 Plus and was replaced with Super Battleship Kii instead.