Thanatos in the results screen

The Suppression Monorail Fortress Thanatos is the downtown Sydney boss in Strikers 1945 III.

In Battle Edit

In it's first form, Thanatos appears as an armored train with three stages; the rear trailer, which shoots slow moving projectiles and bullets; the middle carriage, which shoots large fast-moving projectiles, and the engine itself, which shoots patterns of large fast-moving bullets to the rear, and has a 360 degree bullet launcher which shoots streams of darts. Once you have destroyed the engine carriage, the second form is ejected from the front where it is revealed to be a flying mech.

Attacks in this form:

  1. streams small slow moving pellets from the mouth
  2. fast moving medium sized bullets from the shoulder cannons. (Watch out for when it fires 360 degree in salvos.)
  3. groin machine gun (fires darts in a rotating Y-shape)

After it fires the 360 degree salvo, it will put it's arms together: this is when it is about to reveal it's core. When it flings it's arms out, fly straight up the center of the screen, and stop near the blue orb.